Tools for measurement of EE&RES improvements and urban compatibility assessment for the new plants TOOL N° 2


Software tool N.2 will offer a first evaluation on benefits given by providing a  surplus energy to the WWTP surroundings. Together with software tool N.1 it is combined into one Excel. Split into different sections software tool N.2 includes evaluation on:

  • the thermal energy demand in the WWTP surroundings by evaluating spatial structures (e.g. village
  • centres, small and medium sized town centres, settlements consisting of multi-store buildings,
  • industrial/commerce areas and agricultural sites);
  • the grid lengths of a potential district heating network to supply areas close to the WWTP;
  • future energy supply scenarios including variations in the number of connected heat consumers;
  • potential spatial densifications and energy savings as well as renewable energy provision in the WWTP surroundings