Tools for measurement of EE&RES improvements and urban compatibility assessment for the new plants TOOL N° 1


The scope of software tool N.1 is to provide a first evaluation on the benefits of applying innovative technological processes at WWTPs concerning waste and wastewater treatment. Together with software tool N.2 it is merged into one Excel. 

The key features of software tool N.1 include energy efficiency (EE) evaluations and potential implementation of renewable energy sources (RES) and they can be summarized as follow:

  • the wastewater treatment process (essential parameters include sludge composition, and other
  • substrates regarding the share of C, H, O, N, Ash, Volatile Matter and Fixed Carbon);
  • the energy efficiency (EE) at the WWTP (essential parameters include daily wastewater flow, COD
  • concentration, digestion tower temperature, air temperature, electric energy consumption etc.);
  • the potential of applying renewable energy sources (RES) like solar power (including parameters like surface area and electrical/thermal efficiency), hydro power (usable height and turbine efficiency) and energy from biogas at the WWTP (e.g. share that is fed into the grid).