TOGETHER at Open Living Lab 2018 in Geneva, 22-24 August 2018 

The project TOGETHER will participate in the workshop “Technology, Goal setting and Behavioural nudges: 1000 ways to save energy”, organized within the Open Living Lab 2018 that will take place in Geneva from 22 to  24 August 2018. In particular, the workshop will take place on 23 August.

This workshop takes its roots on two different yet similar experiences both aiming at increasing the effectiveness of traditional technology-based methodologies for energy saving in public buildings, and namely in schools. This means reducing energy consumption using non-technological measures, such as proper behaviour of final users, smart metering, rational use of space and time by building managers, and rational use of small scale investments by building owners.

To these experiences a quite different experience from large scale energy planning achieved by integrating the energy theme into spatial planning, landscape and socio-economic priorities, add-ons to demonstrate and manifest that energy turnaround at any level, i.e. from a school to a European region is mainly constrained by non-technological barriers. Measures and action to bridge the gap between perception and reality of energy related projects’ impacts is the key of success of any technically sound energy project.

Participants will be requested to practice a simulation on how to organize and promote energy saving activities, behaviours and operations in a public building. No specific technological or managerial background is required: on the contrary, an open minded and non-biased approach may lead to unexpected and brilliant solution to be put into practice.

Living Labs & Sustainable Development Goals:
from theories to practice
22-24 AUGUST
Centre international de conférences de Genève
Address: Rue de Varembe 17, 1211 Geneve,

Leaflet of the event (click to download)

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