Treviso national conference: Energy efficiency 2.0 - measurement, behaviour and CO2 footprint in public buildings

Last 7 February the national event to promote the projects TOGETHER and EduFootprint took place at the premises of the Province of Treviso, Lead Partner of both projects. On occasion of the event, the Manifesto of Treviso for energy efficiency 2.0 was signed.

With more than 100 school buildings to heat, light and manage in a context of limited resources for technological and refurbishment interventions, the Province of Treviso had to diversify its actions over time, introducing in the energy management system measures aimed at changing not only the energy performance of the technological devices, but also the school users’ behaviour.  

Two initiatives, which see the involvement of 15 Municipalities that have joined the Covenant of Mayors (Casale sul Sile, Mogliano, Casier, Ponte di Piave, Carbonera, Quinto, Conegliano, Silea, Paese, S. Lucia di Piave, Treviso, Caerano S. Marco, Valdobbiadene,  Castelfranco Veneto and Godega di S. Urbano) and as many schools, were presented at the Conference “Energy efficiency 2.0; measurement, behaviour and CO2 footprint in public buildings” that took place at the Auditorium of the Province last 7 February.

 “For years this Administration has been at the forefront in promoting, throughout the territory, widespread awareness of the importance of behavioural change, to achieve important goals of energy efficiency in public buildings – the President Stefano Marcon declared – for this reason, I consider that the cornerstone of this day is the presentation of the ‘Manifesto of Treviso for energy efficiency 2.0’, which I defined so for the importance of the points that it proposes as commitments and operational indications for the bodies that own public buildings and which are willing to be infected by these best practices”.

 “The use of car seatbelts, as well as the prohibition to smoke in public places, – the delegated Councillor Marianella Tormena explained – are simple examples of how such widespread and shared goals have been achieved, goals that no State law could have achieved in such a short time, unless the cultural conviction of the rightfulness of such actions was deeply rooted in the population.

 With the approval, in 2016, of two complex European projects coordinated by the Province of Treviso: TOGETHER TOwards a Goal of Efficiency THrough Energy Reduction and EduFootprint - School Low Carbon Footprint in Mediterranean cities – under two programmes of European territorial cooperation “Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE” and “Interreg Med”, - the Province activated operational modalities to encourage public buildings stakeholders (owners, managers and final users), to resort to models of individual and collective energy saving”.

 Among the speakers present at the Conference there were Prof. Alessandro Innocenti of the University of Siena, with a speech on “behavioural change, theories and applications”, regional representatives and some students of the Liceo “A. Canova”, the Institute “Giorgi-Fermi” and the Liceo “Giorgione” – as well as teachers and Provincial technical experts – who presented some of the activities developed within the framework of the two European projects.

Click here to download the Manifesto for energy efficiency

The President of the Province of Treviso signs the Manifesto for energy efficiency: