The South Bohemian Region is thanks to its natural conditions a region with a rich material and intangible cultural heritage. Due to the influence of several important houses - Vítkovci, Rožmberkové, Eggenbergs and Schwarzenberks – not only remarkable buildings were built in south Bohemia, but also historical traditions were maintained as a collection of spiritual, artistic and practical skills and knowledge passed from generation to generation. South Bohemian region systematically supports the research of historical traditions, their transformations while supporting the present form of cultural traditions as well. South Bohemian Region actively and in various ways supports the maintenance, expansion and reproduction of the cultural heritage of South Bohemia. 

The intangible cultural heritage of this region, as well as many of its traditions originating from the aristocratic, urban and folk environment, has no specific author, but is the result of a long term intergenerational action and enrichment, which is a prerequisite for preserving the living intangibility of cultural heritage.

Therefore the South Bohemian region not only actively documents the manifestations and the form of the intangible cultural heritage, but also seeks and supports the maintainers and bearers of traditions, with awards such as the title of the Bearer of Folk Crafts and the South Bohemian Region Governer Award for the preservation and development of the folk traditions of the South Bohemian Region. Craftsmanship in the field as an exceptional or unique proof of traditional technologies or traditional folk techniques, development of folk traditions of intangible folk cultures (traditions, ceremonies) and revitalization of traditions in the field of liberal professions and folklore expressions are the criteria for the selection of prizes. For example, thanks to the Craft Portal project, it has been possible to create an overview of entities that are doing business in this area, acquainted with production processes and showing their products. 

In the South Bohemian Region, the intangible cultural heritage has many beautiful and remarkable forms. The aim of the South Bohemian Region is therefore to continue to support the systematic research of the past and the current state of intangible cultural heritage, to carry out its documentation and, in particular, to maintain and find new effective ways of supporting contemporary traditions and other entities contributing to the preservation and development of the cultural heritage of the region. 

Mgr. Patrik Červák,
Head of the Department of Culture and Preservation of the South Bohemian region 

The information and photos included in this article were taken from the brochure "JIHOČESKÝ REGION, ČESKÁ REPUBLIKA - INTANGIBLE CULTURAL HERITAGE" prepared by the South Bohemian Chamber of Commerce. 

In the ARTISTIC project the South Bohemian Region is represented by the South Bohemian Chamber of Commerce.