To support valorisation of the Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) projects, in each of 8 ARTISTIC areas were set up local ICH desks, which provide for the local actors tools and services designed to increase the sustainability of ICH initiatives.

The activity of each ICH desk is coordinated by Mediator, selected to strengthen local networks, to animate activities of local working groups, to support promotion of ICH potential in regions, as well as generating and implementing of new cultural projects. Trained operators support citizens, associations, cooperatives, entrepreneurs in creating ideas for the valorisation of ICH, developing projects, planning activities and preparing all documents to attract public or private investors.

In the open calls announced in each of the ARTISTIC regions, local individuals, associations, cooperatives and entrepreneurs submitted many interesting ideas on how to sustain immaterial cultural heritage living.

In total, 64 project proposals were selected to be supported by local ICH desks by using the tools and services created in the frame of the ARTISTIC project to help them develop a business plan that will facilitate the financing phase.

A key role of the offered support is choosing the form of financing for each of initiatives and promoting 40 of them through the local and transnational crowdfunding campaigns. These will be launched due to testing the attractiveness of the chosen ICH projects and proceeding with their implementation.

To know more about ARTISTIC pilot testing contact our local ICH desks:

ICH desks