Implementation and Feedback

Toolbox verification

The developed tool is tested in Pilot Areas of previously funded CE projects.

Testing of Toolbox beta version by project partners in Pilot Areas allows a better understanding about ability to provide tailored and valuable solutions in different contexts. Additionally by means of national stakeholder training workshops the integrated CC-ARP-CE Toolbox is validated collecting user recommendations and proposals for improvements and applicability testing.

The CC-ARP-CE toolbox is tested and verified in 9 pilot actions in 8 countries:

PA Kamniska Bistrica (Slovenia)
PA Upper Lusatia, Germany
PA Kamienna river basin, Poland
PA Lower Silesia
PA Po river basin, Italy
PA Vienna Water
PA Waidhofen/Ybbs, Austria
PA Nagykunsági river basin, Hungary
PA Czech Republic

O.T.3.1 Synthesis of testing of the TEACHER-CE toolbox CC-ARP-CE - action plan for implementation
O.T.3.2 Feedback analysis and lessons learnt from stakeholder training workshops

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