Stakeholder training Workshop Slovenia

The CC-ARP-CE web-based tool with all its features and climate change adaptation strategies in water management were presented to the participants at the 2nd National Workshop. The workshop was attended by 18 stakeholders in vivo and online. During the workshop, participants had the opportunity to review and test the tool themselves. They showed great interest in the CC-ARP-CE tool. Based on the practical testing of the tool, we obtained important findings and suggestions for improvements, which we will try to take into account in the future when building the final version of the tool.

Main opinion of the stakeholders was that the toolbox is well structured, useable and user friendly. They liked the idea of gathered information about climate indicators and an option to have an overlook of the issues in the selected area. The tool has the potential to be used widely, not only among institutions, but also among general public who could report flood events themselves and as a discussion platform to exchange different view on the identified issues.

Existing strategies are well known. However, there is a considerable lack of cooperation and communication between national and local level. A formation of water council or intermediate communication level was proposed.

Overall the workshop was successful and fun!

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