Stakeholder training workshop Poland (Kamienna river basin)

The second TEACHER-CE Stakeholder Workshop in Poland was held in Starachowice, in the Kamienna River catchment area, on October 26, 2021. The workshop was organized in a stationary and online form. Up to 30 people attended in the workshop from water management, rural and urban municipalities, forest management and agriculture chamber and other. Participants could learn about the objectives of the project and what the projections of climate change for Kamienna River look like and what their effects on particular fields of action might be. Each participant, after the initial training, was able to test the current version of the toolbox and make comments on its functioning. Moreover, during the discussion the participants evaluated the toolbox by filling in a questionnaire and had the opportunity to choose the most important field of action for them in terms of regional development and to indicate key strategies that should be modified or developed due to lack of reference to climate change.

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