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The Institute of Silviculture (SylV) at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU) in Vienna has broad experiences and expertise in the field of forest management, forest ecosystem modelling and climate change adaptation. The teaching activities and various projects on international and national level reflect this sound knowledge base. A very specific field of expertise was established with research on the interdependencies between forest ecosystems and hydrology, especially for drinking water protection and flood prevention.  

The knowledge base was also created through long-lasting continuous surveys during a chain of several previous INTERREG projects (KATER II, CC-WaterS, CC-WARE, CAMARO-D, PROLINE-CE). This broad expertise, e.g. reflected through the Forest Hydrotope Model and Best Practices guidelines for drinking water protection in forested watersheds, is unique and can be used both on national and on international level.

Built on these experiences, also gained through the long-lasting contact with several stakeholders from both the forest and water supplier’s sector, SylV provides important practice-oriented and scientific based inputs to this project. Furthermore, SylV is responsible for the tasks concerning project communication management.


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