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Warsaw University of Life Sciences (WULS-SGGW) is the oldest agricultural academic school in Poland. It was founded in 1816 and conducts multi-faceted teaching and research activities focused on the fields of agricultural and forestry sciences at 13 departments.

The project is carried out at the Institute of Environmental Engineering at the Department of Hydrology, Meteorology and Water Resources.
The research activity of Katedra covers a wide spectrum of environmental processes investigation and modeling along with environmental engineering and development. Significant fields of research are: integrated water resources management, application of GIS and remote sensing for determination of watershed parameters. WULS has been using and teaching hydrological and GIS software for 20 years. The theoretical knowledge has been applied in many lowland catchments (SWAT modeling) as well as in designing of environmental databases for Biebrza, Kamienna catchment and Kampinoski National Parks. WULS has experience in planning of small retention measures since 1996. Such planning was done for national parks, forestry units and regional water management administration. The developed expertise targeted the needs of nature protection, agriculture and flood mitigation.


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