Ljubljana, Slovenia - 11th-13th March 2020

The Kick-off-meeting in Ljubljana was organized by the Lead Partner. Due to Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak many project partners were prohibited to travel and to attend the meeting, so that they were connected  via telefonconference.

The meeting was scheduled for three days, but because of Pandemia, the last day had to be cancelled and was postponed until the next telefonconference meeting held on 2nd of April.

Nevertheless on the first day representatives of the Joint Secretariat gave an introduction about projects guidelines and funding via Skype. Afterwards the main focus was laid on the first steps of Work package 1 developing a joint concept for integration of different tools of previous funded projects (especially of the CE projects PROLINE-CE, RAINMAN, FRAMWAT, SUSTREE). But also first ideas concerning Work package 2, which is closely connected with Work package 1, the development of the innovative CC-ARP-CE Toolbox, were discussed.

The other two Work packages 3 and 4 were discussed on 2nd of April via telefonconference focusing on the presentation of each pilot action.

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