WP T4:
Transnational urban innovation cooperation strategy

The WP T4 objective is to define a transnational urban innovation cooperation strategy, relevant to the development of smart urban innovation quadruple-helix (UI4) clusters and their ecosystems in the project areas. WP T4 is outwards and strategy oriented. It builds on WP T1 & WP T3, which are focusing on the regional level (inward oriented).

Following activities are planned:

1) Monitoring of cluster and ecosystem development in each region: set up of methodology, use of the methodology to monitor each urban ecosystem with respect to end-users involvement and participatory processes

2) Comparative analysis/benchmarking of the UI4 clusters - identification of major shared opportunities/threats and common priorities.

3) Good Practices (GPs):

  • Collection and review of European and international GPs addressing similar opportunities, issues, obstacles in the project context and target areas
  • Exploration on potential for transfer GPs among newly set UI4 clusters.

This activity is facilitated by a training on good transregional GPs for UI4 cluster development.

4) Development of transnational cooperation strategies to address issues selected in previous activities:

  • Elaboration of potential transnational cooperation strategies, based on the outputs of the pilots (WP T3)
  • Development of cooperation roadmaps for the implementation and upscaling of successful pilots on transnational level.

This activity is facilitated through a strategic workshop.