WP T2:
Development of a toolbox of smart participatory methods

Objective of WP T2 is to identify and further develop participatory methods and tools with the aim to generate SMART USERs of public and private services and technologies. Results of this WP will provide solutions for quadruple-helix clusters to engage citizens and/or customers into the innovation process in the field of urban development. For efficient implementation of tools, this WP will provide a training process for facilitators in participating regions.

The main output of this WP is a smart urban innovation participatory methods toolbox.

The WP activities are structured as follows:

1) Analysis and capitalization of previous project results and inventory of existing available tools to test within pilots to avoid duplication of activities or costs.

2) Iterative adaptation of participatory methods and tools based on their test within WP T3: short-comings of existing methodologies enhanced in accordance with experiences made in WP T3.

Toolbox of SMART urban innovation participatory methods:

3) Knowledge transfer (tested tools) and trainings for tool facilitators.

Toolbox scheme

Toolbox scheme