Successful crowdfunding campaigns from Italy and Slovenia

Last time, I explained you the idea of crowdfunding, and presented you the most successful campaign of the Kickstarter platform. I guess everybody knows what that Kickstarter is. If not: it is a crowdfunding website where fundraisers are carried out to finance a variety of projects in many areas of life. Projects are prepared in such areas as: films, animations, computer games, card games, board games, comics, music albums, as well as projects related to art, fashion, photography, journalism, theater, dance, food and modern technologies are financed there. But, let's just leave it in the past. Now, I'd like to present you some successful examples of crowdfunding campaigns in the area of culture and heritage that were prepared in our partnership countries.


Your vine, your wine

That was a collective project founded  among the vignerons of Valle dei Laghi. The whole amount of collected money were entirely dedicated to the production of Rebo grapes, a local variety that took the best from Merlot and Teroldego. It was succesful. They collected €9,100 what honestly was 113% of the amount that they wanted to get (€8,000). The campaign was finished on 13 December, 2018. the campaign was prepared by Marco and Stefano Pisoni, vignerons from Trentino, whose family has been cultivating the vineyard and producing wine since 1852.

Sicily Folk Doc

It was the project of a series of short documentaries about the five popular Sicilian festivals and communities that prepare these events, finding the full expression of their collective identity. Spectacular traditions, little known, which survived uncertainly, often attacked by people in relation to their "danger" or alleged religious maturity. They coolected € 3,580.00 from 91 donators.



The campaign was aimed at preparing of workshops on ancient Rome. Škofja Loka stayed for a few hours in ancient times to become Locopolis, a fictional Roman settlement in which visitors could walk, share experiences, information and special currency and come alive in ancient times. The event was part of a meeting of 5 Slovenian classical elementary schools - junior high schools, in which students learn Latin and antiquity - which take place this year at the Škofja Loka Primary School. During the campaign, creators collected €1,548, what was 155% of their assumption.

Glasbeni junaki

That was a campaign, where its creators tried to get money to get a new place for musical education home. The reason was that after 15 years of working and educating Styrian youth, is threatening to run out of space overnight, and more than 100 musical heroes are unable to develop their talents. Creators have gained €20,244 from 99 donators, what was 101% of their first assumption.

That would be all for now. The rest of cultural project I will present you soon.