Successful campaigns from Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia


It's time to present last part of successful campaigns related to culture subject. Let's start then:


Kreaciaki. Opowiem Ci bajkę. (Eng: Kreaciaki. I'll tell you the story.")

That's the first Polish campaign we'd like to present you. They didn't want to collect much money, so their campaign was successful (they collected 1200 PLN and that is 100% of the amount that they want to get). "Kreaciaki" were born in 2015. It was created as part of "Generator 3.0", i.e. workshops for young culture animators. It was a crowdfunding action financing the publication of a book written and illustrated by children. On September 15, during the 15th Cultural Night, a group of children created a story that two weeks later during the Festival of Deconstruction of the Word Read! design illustrations for it. On October 12, you could see little artists at the author's meeting. And that was possible thanks to the support of 37 donators.

Poezja w Puszczy. (Eng: Poetry in the forest.)

That was another example of successful campaigns in the area of culture. Its creators tried to collect money for preparation of the second edition of the event titled "Poetry in the forest". They earned 5000 PLN thanks to 38 donators and thanks to that action, the second event took place. On a poetic walk through the Forest, participants set off from the Rousseau Manor in the company of poets: poems by Wojciech Brzoska, Mariusz Grzebalski, Marcin Ostrychacz and Piotr Janicki were heard in the Ancient Forest, which from the beginning of time was an inspiration for writers, artists and thinkers.


Kruščice na startu

That was the campaign prepared and managed by Folklorní soubor České besedy Kruščice. They were collecting money to get costume for folk bands. We are proud that this campaign was successful as it's directly related to our project subject. The creators of this campaign collected 242 895 CZK thanks to the support of 158 donators.

Live ecomuseum

The creator of the campaign - Ekovesnice z.s - tried to collect money for renovation of the building, where they placed the museum. The main hall, corridors and adjacent areas will serve as an exhibition space of the Ecomuseum with the possibility to reach, test, use. Part of the space will be for children, where they will be able to build large cardboard kits to build the entire cabin, house, outside the game to clean (recycle) water, water vertical gardens, make a brick, etc ..

Furthermore, there will be craft, creative living workshops in the building, where it will be possible for adults to directly create, try and make something (candlestick, shelf, table or whole mobile home). Thanks to the campaign, they've collected 208 367 CZK from 115 donators.



That was the campaign prepared by Ján Michálik - Director, artistic director, dance pedagogue of the Folklore Ensemble Živel and statutory of the civic association FS Živel and last in the period of January - February 2019. The campaign was prepared, becayse they wanted the Folklore Ensemble Živel to have optimal conditions and space (dance hall) for its activities, preparation of performers and creation of dance choreographies. It was successful and they collected 1 909 € from 31 supporters.

Posaď sa(d) u nás!

The creator was Zuzana Palicová - in the Schaubmar Mill, she creates dramaturgy and coordinates programs and projects, including the orchard restoration. Its organizers want to restore the orchard in the Schaubmar mill SNG in Pezinok and turn it into a place where you can spend your free time and relax. As part of the renewal, they want to treat existing trees and plant 33 new trees and over 100 shrubs. the campaign took place in March 2018. Its organizers collected 9 110 € from 115 supporters.

Well, we are proud that we may also indicate some successful campaigns in the area of culture. We agree that it may be a great source for financing of cultural projects.