Testing improved approaches for passenger mobility

work package No. 2

The objective of this work package is to experiment innovative approaches for public passenger transport in peri-urban areas. Pilots will be undertaken in three fields of concern:

  1. testing participatory concepts and awareness raising to canvass new passengers;
  2. testing smart intermodal tools to make multimodal travelling more seamless; and
  3. testing a simpler tariff and ticketing to make intermodal travelling customer friendly.

In all participating regions the intermodal integration between bus and rail (and other modes) is rather poor for the peri-urban territories. Hence there is little real-world experience, how effective certain measures will be. This holds particularly true for the willingness of potential passengers to accept and make use of innovative services. In that respect the pilots are the real litmus test. 

outputs: pilot actions
Maribor (SI)
The pilot aims at attracting new passengers by offering new bike services on trains between Maribor and Ptuj.
Brno (CZ)Commuters shall be made aware of the improved rail track Brno - Zastávka by
participatory concepts.
Poznań (PL)
IT assisted planning tools for the transport authority are implemented to process, evaluate and improve the bus network.
Ljubljana (SI)Smart, interactive, intermodal displays shall be tested to improve intermodality and connectivity at Ljubljana main station.
Bratislava (SK)During a test phase of 6 months the rail connection Bratislava-Trnava will be integrated into
the transport association to make intermodal travelling easier.
Erfurt (DE)Better routing and the introduction of a job-ticket shall connect a large commercial site to the subnode Sömmerda, from which people can commute easily to and from Erfurt.

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