Study Visit - Styria

1st October - 3rd October 2019

The upcoming CULTURECOVERY study visit is set to take place from 1st until 3rd October 2019 in Styria, Austria. During this year's autumn visit, which brings the total number of study visits to three, the partners will once again have the opportunity to share their experiences, illustrate their results and delve into local titbits of cultural heritage.

Styria, which is also known as the "Green Heart" of Austria due to its vast forests and esmerald green lakes, boasts an exciting blend of cultural heritage. This variety is also reflected in the main stations of the visit: The historic city centre of Graz, the Styrian Cultural Heritage Network, and the Austrian Open-Air Museum Stübing.

On the first day of the study visit, the project partners will convene to discuss the progress made and the deliverables achieved. At the steering committee meeting, we will also prepare for the last period of the project and discuss the still pending activities. Among these are the production of a project video and the development of responsible tourism offers based on intangible cultural heritage. The first day will be topped off by a tour through a UNESCO World Heritage Site, namely the historic city centre of Graz.

The Styrian Cultural Heritage Network, currently consisting of the three Styrian municipalities of Krieglach, Trofaiach and Puch bei Weiz, will be the focal point of day 2. Therefore, we have scheduled a visit to each municipality on the second day in order to provide the participants with some insights into the ideas and people behind the network.  During this 'tour' through Styria, the local stakeholders themselves will have the chance to explicate their very own approaches and success stories in preserving cultural heritage.

As one of the most renown Austrian institutions in terms of heritage protection, the Austrian Open-Air Museum Stübing should not be left out during the study visit. That's why the project partners and their associates are invited to join a guided tour through the museum on our third and last day.

Cooperation happens through communication, collaboration and inspiration. We hope that our 3rd study visit will inspire all participants for the project's final months and beyond.

© Header Photo: Graz Tourismus - Harry Schiffer