Strunjan Landscape Park

Country: Slovenia.
Established in: 
Surface area:
Main features:

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Park Description:

The Strunjan Peninsula is strewn thick with hidden gems of natural and cultural heritage. A healthy environment, authentic traditions, marvellous views and the diversity of the fauna and flora offer countless possibilities for actively enjoying the outdoor life. The unique alliance between sea, coast and hinterland, and the heritage expressive in the local people make Landscape Park Strunjan a precious piece of the Adriatic coast.

Watching the seascape

Watching the seascape - Photo by Strunjan Landscape Park

The only state-level protected area in Slovenia that includes the sea, the Landscape Park Strunjan has been managed by the homonymous public institute, which promotes activities throughout the park to the extent and in forms that help preserve or improve the condition of the natural environment and cultural landscape, and at the same time provide for the development of the local community. 

Anchoring at Strunjan Landscape Park

Anchoring at Strunjan Landscape Park - Photo by Strunjan Landscape Park

CEETO Pilot Action Objectives:

The pilot aims to implement the tourism governance model inside the Strunjan Landscape Park, wit the aim to reduce the environmental impacts and pressures coming from tourism-related activities, thus improving nature conservation, and enhance the socio-economic benefits at local level that can come from a sustainable tourism approach. The priority is to understand the carrying capacity of the PA and improve the sustainable management.