Strategic workshop: Budgeting of selected cross-border projects Poland-Czech Republic

On 15th April 2020 the first of our three strategic workshops on Budgeting of selected cross-border projects took place. The workshop was focused on Polish - Czech border crossings and projects related to them, including their budget allocation and its source of financing as well as timeframes and institutions responsible for the investments. Due to general worldwide situation with COVID19 the meeting was organised online. It was participated by Polish and Czech key stakeholders and decision-makers. After the welcoming part and brief information about the meeting performed by the Project Manager, the team of Project Experts from the Silesian University of Technology presented a brief summary of a recent workshop, where a list of key cross-border projects had been set, as well as its update, which was an effect of next discussions and exchange of information since then. The workshop was highlighted on the Polish-Czech projects, not Polish and Czech which aim at better connectivity of the regions, across borders, solving obstacles and minimize differences. Common point of view and common activities are our goal. 
Among some of the issues brought up during the workshop were:
- The reconstruction of the Ostrava junction
- RFC5 | Baltic-Adriatic Rail Freight Corridor
- The basic prerequisite for the development of rail freight transport is capacity, at least double-track lines (due to the smooth running of the train without unnecessary stopping for transport reasons and energy-intensive start) with a slope of max. 8 per mille (train mass standards per 1 interoperable locomotive up to 2500 tonnes - the need for 2nd locomotive would increase the cost of transportation - locomotive, driver, time delay and energy-intensive further train starts). This corresponds to the routing of traffic through the topographically most favorable territory, ie in the case of the RFC5 corridor it is through the Moravian Gate, in the Alps area it will also be inclined to correspond to both new constructions.
The experts also presented the results of research and data collected on budget allocation of Polish projects, their source of financing and timeframes of the investments.