OUTPUT: Start-up stakeholder workshop series (O.T1.1)

Seven stakeholder workshops within PROLINE-CE were organized in spring / summer 2017 - one in each participating country - in order to inform stakeholders about the challenges tackled by the project and to receive input from the stakeholders about their specific challenges in daily operations.

All information gathered including also conclusions from these seven national stakeholder workshops are summarized in the output factsheet:
Output factsheet of the PROLINE-CE start-up stakeholder workshop series

Below you can find also more available information on all national workshops:

Austria: May 31st, 2017 in Vienna - invitation | minutes

Germany: May 03rd, 2017 in Munich - invitation | minutes

Italy: May 16th in Taglio di Po, RO - invitation | minutes

Slovenia: May 18th, 2017 in Ljubljana - invitation | minutes

Poland: May 24th, 2017 in Katowice - invitation | minutes

Croatia: Jun 05th, 2017 in Zagreb - invitation | minutes

Hungary: June 07th, 2017 in Budapest - invitation | minutes