The stakeholder involvement is very important to guarantee optimal traceability of the Workplace Mobility Plan development 

Vienna (Austria), 1. February 2018 - Stakeholder involvement in Workplace Mobility Plan development. 

Austrian partner Climate Alliance Austria preparing 4 Workplace Mobility Plans for Municipality of Baden, Municipality of Mödling, Municipality of Brück am Mur and Municipality of Leoben. 

The stakeholder involvement in Municipality of Baden and Mödling were very important to guarantee optimal traceability of the WMP developing process on one hand, and to receive realistic, well-adapted and finally confirmed WMP measures on the other hand. Next to necessary decisions, local stakeholders could provide very detailed information about existing workplace facilities, local infrastructure and information about specific requirements of different groups of municipality employees. By the stakeholder involvement, the project partner also got an insight in policy space that must be taken into account for decisions and commitments on higher level. The implementation of measures on higher level need municipal council resolution and so the agreement of all parties can be difficult depending on different political issues.

Some of the main effects of the stakeholder involvement meetings:

  • Some of the presented measures were very new for the stakeholders and generated much interest – more than expected and also from side of the staff committee.
  • Stakeholders brought in own ideas and gave feedback to presented measures in coherence with needs of the municipality employees.
  • The meeting offered internal stakeholders an opportunity to share their individual knowledge about and individual experiences with transport infrastructure, work place facilities, mobility behaviour in their departments and different mobility needs at the different administration sites.
  • The Letter of Commitement for the fixed measures was related to a coaltion agreement and couldn’t be given directly by the participants of the internal stakeholder meeting.

Further cooperation with stakeholders is an inevitable part of the WMP’s implementation. The municipality managements will be responsible for the implementation of WMP measures, which often requires collaboration with external stakeholders.

Stakeholder involvement in Austria