Optimisation of soil and water
monitoring for long-term
maintenance of remediation effects

The Pilot Action is located in the territory of the Municipality of Solec Kujawski and includes a Pilot Investment.

  • Characteristics of the brownfield:
    • The Solec Kujawski brownfield is the site of former wood preservation factory (approximately 16,44 ha) for which a Remediation Action Plan has already been prepared (in 2012) and partially implemented (in 2015) and for which pilot environmental monitoring tools are needed  
    • This area is close to the city centre and near the largest housing estate and recreation and sports facilities
    • The ownership of the site is public: the land was purchased in 2008 by Municipality of Solec Kujawski

  • Main issues/problems:
    • Poor quality of groundwater: the presence of heavy non-aqueous liquid (DNAPL) was indicated after several drillings carried out in 2013 and 2015
    • On the south side of the area there is a flow of water similarly heavily contaminated with BTEX PAHs and phenols from a different old post-industrial area

  • Needs and Goals:
    • Diagnosis type of contamination in waters, monitoring of changes in concentration, directions of migration, composition are necessary to develop a project to stop and eliminate the threat

  • Pilot Action Activities: 
    • Preliminary analysis of soil and water contamination
    • Environmental monitoring research focused on soil and water
    • identifying and planning  the most sustainable methods to carry out further remediation of the brownfield
    • Land management study including different investment variants which could be developed in the area
    • Brownfield Database

  • Pilot Investment - Environmental monitoring of brownfield soil and water quality
    A Pilot Investment is necessary to carry out the Pilot Action. The investment aims at monitoring the effectiveness of the undertaken remediation techniques by means of cost-effective methods of long-term monitoring of groundwater quality with usage of passive samplers.  Drilling piezometers on the inflow and  outflow of groundwater are placed as groundwater monitoring points.

  • Involvement of stakeholders
    Local meetings are organized with inhabitants and stakeholders to involve them in the delivery of the Pilot Action.