Solar "E-Tree"

The Slovenian partner established 1 solar E-tree at a high frequented public place in the municipality. E-Tree (solar tree) is the protection of the environment and ecological values symbolized facility, aims to raise awareness of the community on environmental sustainability. It was made from environmental friendly materials, energy produced by solar cells. It is shaped in the unit, which depend on the environment; it combine the use of RES, a pleasant way to spend free time with the creation of community space. The tree is 3-6 m high, intelligent, independent, autonomous, to nature and the environment tailored unit.

  • Solar cell system can generate 2000 - 2200 kWh/year electric energy
  • 7 pieces of the solar cells of 250W
  • Capacity: 1,7 kW
  • 1 bench for visitors – it is part of the tree (the metal frame and the wooden seat
  • LED lighting under the tree (4 lights per 20 W per each)
  • Charging smart phones and tablets option - installed power min. 60 W, min. 3 USB ports, min. 4 USB cables for charging mobile
  • Devices, min. one wireless chargers
  • Ready for use charging station installed on the bench for e-bike, e-roller e-cycle
  • Sensors for temperature, humidity, noise level, smart electronics
  • 100 % Solar powered charging independent of grid supply