Smart Traffic Management System
for the Budapest Freeport

Background of the pilot action

Freeport of Budapest Logistics Ltd. (FBL) is managing the site of Budapest DOCK Logistics and Industrial Park.

The site has a total area of 153 ha, more than 160 000 m2 of warehouses and many more port facilities, such as railroads, quays, bays, and container depots. At peak season, over 5000 vehicles enter the port area through the three road gates. Over 70 tenants of the spaces are all dependent on the efficient management of the road traffic arriving to the port.

Therefore, at FBL, there is an urgent need to modernise the access control and traffic management system and to establish a reliable, high-precision vehicle identification, access control, routing and port information system.

There was no ready-made solution available on the market for inter-modal logistics centres of such type and size. This solution can serve as an important pioneer approach for the digitalisation of terminals.

Description of the pilot action

FBL required an automated access control and traffic management system based on automated license plate recognition supported by smart LED screens and an info point (kiosk) to manage the movement of road vehicles efficiently within the site.

The Pilot Action of FBL also required the development of a navigation application for the site of FBL (DOCK App).

The impacts of the system are recorded and evaluated during the implementation of the Pilot Action. Lessons learnt and success factors for deliverability are identified.

Expected results

The experiences of this newly developed system are relevant for all river ports in the CE region that are connected to road transportation and interested to learn about the outcome and product that FBL will deliver through the implementation of the Pilot Action. A specific knowledge transfer within the CORCAP consortium is targeted for Czech-Saxon intermodal sites, but also to any intermodal logistics site in need of a similar solution or identifying similar challenges as FBL.

Work package

Multimodal freight transport pilot actions complementing OEM corridor development


Improving the accessibility and connectivity of inland ports

Pilot region

City of Budapest


FBL Freeport of Budapest Logistics

Pilot budget

239.739,30 EUR

Period of implementation

07/2019 - 06/2021

Further Information

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