Sisak-Moslavina County administration

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Sisak-Moslavina County administration (SMC) was constituted in 1993 as a regional administrative unit. The county is placed in the middle of Croatia and can be considered as a rural-industrial area. It covers 4500 km² with a population of 180.000 in 7 cities and 12 municipalities. SMC plays a central role in managing development of the region. SMC encourages development of crafts, small and medium entrepreneurship and industry. It has established strong cooperation with chamber of economy and chamber of crafts. It supports as well effective management of culture and historic heritage through capacity building, identification and involvement of key actors. 

InduCult2.0 activities are in line with the county´s approved development strategy, chapters economy and culture. The area of SMC knows a rich industrial tradition  (from crafts to large plants to new technologies and value-added products).  

SMC´s thematic competences are related to:

  • events and exhibitions related to industrial heritage,
  • reflection of industry through art,
  • cooperation with schools, museum (e.g. Days of Industrial Heritage), chambers.

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