Workshop on Forest Inventory data

21 - 22 November 2016, Sárvár, Hungary

The Hungarian research centre ERTI NAIK invited the SUSTREE project and associate partners to the event “Workshop on forest inventory data in CE”. The aim of the meeting was to discuss modelling related methodological questions and to set up a forest and soil database for modelling the potential future distribution of six tree species in CE. 
The outcomes of the workshop will help developing models to predict climatic changes and distribution ranges of tree species. These forecasts are essential for developing useful tools for practitioners within the SUSTREE project. 

Thanks to the organizers and all participants for contributing to this successful event!  

group picture © BFW

group picture

workshop discussion  © BFW

Discussions during the workshop

workshop participants  © BFW

Workshop participants from Czech Republic

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Ervin Rasztovits