Meet the project partners

Within the upcoming weeks we will introduce the SUSTREE project partners to you. 

Partner of the week is the Forest Research Institute Poland (IBL)

The Polish Forest Research Institute conducts research and developments work in the many fields of forestry. The Institute is actively involved in the development of new legislation on forest issues, is responsible for implementation of international conventions agreements and supports National Forest Policy processes.

History and Organizational Structure 
The Forest Research Institute was established in 1930 as an Experimental Station of the State Forests Organisation. Since 1945 it has been acting as the Forest Research Institute, currently being subordinated to the Minister of the Environment.
The institution consists of 8 departments carrying out scientific research and developmental work. Following fields are of interest: forest afforestation and reforestation, tending, utilization and protection, ecology, nature conservation, genetics, forest economics and policy.

Today's efforts
Research is done to improving the knowledge on natural, social, technical, and economic circumstances influencing the state of forest resources, and to shape their manifold functions satisfying the needs of today’s and future generations.
The Institute actively participates in elaborating legal acts and other documents, including those resulting from international conventions and agreements and from the Forest Policy of the State.
The research centre is involved in international organizations as IUFRO (International Union of Forest Research Organizations) and EFI (European Forest Institute) and shares expertise in foreign scientific boards, programs, societies, panels and groups.

The research institute employs 239 people, including 25 professors and associate professors, 52 PhDs and 21 research assistants (stand 2015).

Jan Kowalcyk, IBL

Jan Kowalcyk, IBL


The SUSTREE team consists of eight partners in six countries of Central Europe. The partner institutions are research centres, universities, forest entities and many more. See a list of all partners here.