SULPiTER webinar 1

Introduction to SUMP and SULP

Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans: concept and practical examples

Speaker: Simone Bosetti, TRT

Links: Webinar video & Presentation

SUMP Planning urban mobility is a complex undertaking for any city, even more so when urban functions, people and mobility are scattered across a wide area.

The presentation will

  • give an overview of the SUMP concept and its benefits,
  • describe the ever-growing importance of SUMPs in Europe, and
  • have a closer look at the SUMP development process as well as the challenges cities often face when developing and implementing a SUMP.
  • present some practical examples and case studies.

Sustainable Urban Logistics Plans (SULPS): Methodology and solutions in some European towns

Speaker: Giorgio Ambrosino, Memex

Links to the Webinar video & Presentation

The intervention will outline the methodology set up by the EU ENCLOSE project for  defining the sustainable urban logistics plan  following the well-known SUMP approach.

After a discussion of the mutual relations between SULP and SUMP approach,   the SULP contents and solutions elaborated by the some European Towns (Almada, Lucca, etc.)   will be presented referring some specific measures (from Urban consolidation center to access rules changes). At the end some  common sense considerations will be   provided with the indications where to find the   SULP methodology and  the ENCLOSE  portfolio of the SULPs  of 9 European towns.