The Science and Technology Park of the University of Rijeka – Step Ri

The Science and Technology Park of the University of Rijeka – Step Ri was established by the University of Rijeka in order to become the premier science and technology hub, facilitating the commercialization of research & development and foster cooperation between the Academia and the business sector. It is a widely recognized center for innovative and entrepreneurial support as well as a major regional provider of business know-how.

Step Ri provides consulting programs and advising processes for the establishment of start-ups, new products and services development, scaling-up of existing businesses, IPR protection support, assessment and commercialization strategies for SMEs and researchers that want to become entrepreneurs. Step Ri is participating in various EU-funded projects, as well as national programmes, and has gained significant experience and deep understanding of project management.

Step Ri's contribution to SYNERGY project is deriving from its specialization in: innovation and commercialization strategies, innovation management, product and business model innovation, crowdfunding, scale up of existing products/services, servitization, pilot testing and dissemination and exploitation of results.


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