City of Žilina / Mesto Žilina

The City of Zilina is 4th largest city in the Slovak republic. Thanks to its location, the city represents one of the largest traffic nodes in the Slovakia and also in Central Europe. A transport importance and position underlines a TEN-T corridor (from the Adriatic sea to the Baltic sea) that is crossing the city.

The city is located in the basin of Vah river and surrounded by mountains what creates various traffic limitations that have to be solved. The municipality is required by law to provide some functions in traffic within the city area, which has, in addition to the center, 12 suburban zones served by joint public transport system. Therefore, the city has to ensure to provide viable structure of transportation forms in terms of safety and also quality.

The City of Zilina mainly focuses on cars transport, pedestrian traffic, bicycle transport and public transport of the inhabitants and visitors. The city endeavour to support all the forms of transportation and at the same time to prepare the most suitable conditions for them. The City of Zilina has also interest in supporting the ecological forms of transportations in the city such as: electric vehicles and buses.

Thanks to these form of sustainable mobility the City of Zilina is planning to reduce CO2 emissions. Therefore, the past experiences in the field of ecological traffic are related to bicycle transportation. The city has already realised three projects that has extended and improved bicycle transport. The city still cooperates and works on analysis and preparation of the documents of a city parking strategy (in the centre and also in periphery areas, mainly in housing development). It intensively strives to make the public transportation more attractive by buying new more ecological vehicles/trolleys, but also by implementation of new services for reaching the higher traffic efficiency.