City of Turin / Comune di Torino

The city of Turin is located in Piedmont Region, and its territory is crossed each year by consistent traffic flows, both in terms of freight and people traffic. Municipality of Turin covers a total area of 130.01 Km² and represents Provincial and Regional Capital.

Since the mid ’90 the City of Turin worked on sustainable mobility, approving the Traffic Urban Plan and detailed scale plans (city center mobility plan, cycle paths plan, road safety plan, etc.). In 2011 The City approved the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP).

The objectives of the SUMP are:

  • Improving accessibility to the city -Ensuring and improving accessibility for people -Improving air quality
  • Improving the quality of urban environment -Increase the use of public transport
  • Efficiency and safety of road system
  • Innovative technologies for mobility management
  • Define the governance of the Plan.

Turin path to become “Smart City” started 2 years ago, when the City Council took the decision to take part in the initiative of the European Commission “Covenant of Mayors” and engaged itself to elaborate an Action Plan for Energy in order to reduce its CO2 emissions more than 20% by 2020. The Torino Action Plan for Energy (TAPE), has been approved in 2010 and its objective is to reduce CO2 of 40% by 2020 (baseline: 1991).

Turin has one of the most comprehensive networks of ITS Italy; it is managed by a traffic supervisor placed in the Traffic Operation Center managed by 5T , which being an in house agency, is directly involved in the project’s actions. Municipality of Turin in PUMAS project developed a policy framework leading to a New Governance Model for urban logistics in the Turin’s LTZ. The model was developed in the most effective and shared manner. The partnership agreement was signed by Turin’s Chamber of Commerce, representing the interest of productive key actors, in order to guarantee that the objectives and the related policies will be applied and implemented.