Pannon Business Network Association / Pannon Gazdasági Hálózat Egyesület

Pannon Business Network Association has been founded in 2006, with the participation of the regional Clusters and Industrial Parks. As a leading public economic development organization in the West Pannon region PBN is supporting the Hungarian national goals, like the creation of new jobs and improvement of living conditions with complex and integrated programs.

Currently PBN is the Coordinator (in cooperation with 70 professional experts and 13 main municipalities) of the Regional Spatial Planning Programme 2014-2020 of Vas County. Sarvar, where the pilot action of SOLEZ will take place, is the 2nd main city in Vas County and the main location for the implementation of the Regional Programme.

In the last 10 years, PBN has been responsible for the coordination of tourism and leisure transport solution in the city, has developed a strong cooperation in different fields being of crucial support in the implementation of Local and Regional development plans in Sarvar Municipality.

The longlasting synergy established between the two bodies, the active role played by PBN in transport sector in Sarvar area, and the activity PNB is currently carrying out for the Regional Spatial Planning Programme 2014-2020 of Vas County ensure the capability of PBN – in connection with Sarvar Municipality - to reach and actually engage in SOLEZ project all relevant stakeholders for Sarvar FUA (see letter of support) Moreover, for the particular nature of its institution, different from other SOLEZ partners, PBN will provide an economic and industrial point of view for the different issues faced by SOLEZ during the implementation of its actions.