Coordinator of South Moravian Integrated Public Transport System / Koordinátor integrovaného dopravního systému Jihomoravského kraje (KORDIS JMK)

KORDIS JMK is the public transport authority responsible for the integrated public transport in the South Moravian Region including its regional capital the City of Brno.

When it was founded in 2002, for the first time in Czech Republic, all existing transport modes in the region were concentrated in one system. KORDIS is responsible for conceptual planning, managment, operational inspection, maintenance and promotion of city and regional public transport including the local and regional trains (ca.1500 vehicles).

The aim of the organization is to manage the connections and provide the real time information to public. In South Moravia there are about 1,2 mil. residents with 400 thousands in Brno. Thanks to this integrated sytem it is possible to travel under the same conditions and using only one ticket for all type of public transport, in local trains, regional buses, public city transport of Brno (trams, buses, trolleybuses) and city transport in the hinterland cities of Adamov, Blansko, Břeclav, Bystřice nad Pernštejnem, Hodonín, Kyjov, Vyškov and Znojmo (buses).