Networking event at Kapfenberg

Workshops for representatives of Regional Observatories and study visits - the next meeting of partners involved in the SMART_watch project will take place at the end of March in the Austrian city of Kapfenberg.

The purpose of the meeting is to establish relationships between Regional Observatories -  institutions that monitor technology trends and market developments in the area of smart specializations. Networking, exchange of experience and working out common goals are the main goals of the conference.

An important element of the meeting will also be study visits to the local companies. Participants will have the opportunity to visit the Styrian Business Promotion Agency, the processing organisation for business development projects of Styria, a cluster from electronics and microelectronics Silicon Alps, Böhler Schmiedetechnik GmbH, which is a producer of components for the aviation industry, Pankl Racing Systems AG specializing in the production of engines and drive systems for race cars, Woodcluster Holzcluster Steiermark GmbH, HIZ- Holzinnovationszentzrum, the wood innovation center, and Pabst Holz, a producer of wooden products.

Workshops will be preceded by the Steering Committee and Technical Meeting, where Project Partners representatives will debate about the status of deliverables and upcoming deadlines. 


Kapfenberg, Austria

Invitation for the workshop

Agenda of the meeting