Production digitization - Challenges of EU regions in Vanguard ESM

At the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, SRIP TOP (Strategic Development and Innovation Partnership of the Factory of the Future), one of project Regional Observatories,  organized a workshop „Digitalisation of Production - Challenges of EU Regions in Vanguard ESM” for technology companies that reached the required level of technological maturity and stepped into the way of introducing industry 4.0 in its production.   

The workshop took place in Ljubljana,  in the end of February.

The meeting was followed by a tour and a practical demonstration of the pilot showing the performance of the task agents in conjunction with the digital twins and the working connection of various industry technologies 4.0 - digital twins, robotics, decentralized data, robotics, machine vision, enriched and virtual reality, flexible digitized workplace - factory in small.

The guests were visibly surprised and enthusiastic about the high degree of innovation of the technologies used. Participants also agreed that they need to focus on better information flow and their greater engagement in certain areas - especially in finding answers to the problems and challenges in their environments by activating the knowledge of companies and research institutions in the framework of pilots, which were established as a result of participation in Vanguard Initiatives.