Work Package 1


WPT1 “Understanding” creates solid basis for the SMACKER project activities and for any potential follow up and upscale of its findings and methodologies.

It investigates in particular:

  • potential top down approaches through the best practices that are reviewed and made available to influence partners' know how and pilots' design
  • bottom up analysis of users’ need that are reviewed in order to collect data for better planning
  • durable know how improvement through training to stakeholders, users and Local Mobility Forum in Local to Think Global (LTG) a training path where local audience is trained but with a transnational scope 

This Work Package mainly addresses Specific Objective 1 "To grow capacity of SMACKER regions in better plan, deliver, integrate and communicate transport services in their areas", by creating a knowledge package that flows into a training path devoted to decision makers, users, authorities, stakeholders, business and communities. WPT1 brings local problems to a higher level discussion and come back to the local dimension bringing solutions and trainings for capacity building of authorities, practitioners and stakeholders and to raise the awareness of users.

University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna (BOKU) is responsible for Work Package with the support of the University of Maribor, and will guide the Lead Partner SRM Networks and Mobility (as pilot site), Municipality of Gdynia - Roads and Green Areas Management, City District of Praha - Suchdol, City Municipality of Murska Sobota, BKK Centre for Budapest Transport and Regional Management East Tyrol in the implementation of Data collection on users mobility needs.

Institute for Transport and Logistics Foundation, University of Maribor and University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna will deliver specific outputs for  the benefit of all the other partners.