Work Package 3

Growth and Expand

WPT3 “Growth and Expand” creates solid basis for the propagation of the SMACKER effects to a deeper level and to a wider audience. It investigates:

  • An additional layer of governance is set through the SMACKER Quality Partnership for seamless Mobility Governance (SQPM) that will deliver topics for discussion, plans for activities and meetings agenda as well as participation to local events (A.T3.1)
  • A geographical expansion and extended cooperation through an Enlarged Transfer Programme (ETP) will be set. A group of 10 followers will be selected, involved, trained and invited to submit an action plan based on the findings of SMACKER activities (O.T3.3).
  • A deepening of SMACKER findings will be exported into regional action plans to be transferred into political mainstreams (AT3.3). Strategic policy recommendations will be transferred to Macro Regional areas (O.T3.4)
  • A durable wider exportation of best practices through an online practical toolbox for best practices on behaviour change and DRT measures (O.T3.5).

WPT3 mainly addresses Specific Objective 3 “To define a long term strategy to promote sustainable mobility in regions that will complement and feed local planning tools” by creating the substrate for individual growth of PPs and ETP followers and for the expansion to external wider audience of SMACKER results. Capacity building activities are complemented by horizontal involvement of other stakeholders both local (D.T3.3.8-13) and transnational (A.T3.2). Macro regional strategies are addressed by report focussing on peripheral mobility (D.T3.3.14).
PP2 ITL is responsible for WPT3.
LP SRM (as pilot site), PP3 Gdynia, PP4 MCPS, PP6 MURS, PP7 BKK and PP8 RMO will deliver D.T3.3.2-7 and D.T3.3.8-13. A.T3.4 and AT3.5 will be guided by PP2 ITL, PP5 UM and PP9 BOKU with the choral contribution of pilot sites focussing on results coming from Evaluation of actions (D.T2.4.8-13)