Work Package 2

Participation and actions

WP.T2 “Participation and actions” implement concrete actions within SMACKER project activities by formalizing the participation to the project processes and by acting in involved regions. It delivers: 

  • Planning and implementation of pilot actions at local level (O.T2.4-9)
    • Bologna (IT) - Last mile connection for tourists/residents with a DRT service and ICT platform
    • Gdynia (PL) - Mobility improvement in residential area through a last mile seamless service (from)fixed-(to)flexible
    • Prague (CZ) - Better connecting Prague and Central Bohemia region
    • Murska Sobota (SI) - DRT sevice based on real time information system
    • Budapest (HU) - App All-in-One for DRT
    • Osttirol (AT) - Integrated measures in improve passengers' experience
  • Monitoring, evaluating and reporting on pilots implementation in order to provide insights to PPs and followers on project results (AT2.4) and to provide guidance for the implementation of DRT and promoting behaviour change campaigns in rural or peripheral areas.

WP.T2 mainly addresses both Specific Objective 1 "To grow capacity of SMACKER regions in better plan, deliver, integrate and communicate transport services in their areas" and Specific Objective 2 “To increase the number of users of public transport and sustainable trips in involved regions”. It is the core part of the project: it will change the actual state of the art and it will measure the impact of the pilots implemented.

LP SRM is responsible for WP.T2. LP SRM (as pilot site), PP3 Gdynia, PP4 MCPS, PP6 MURS, PP7 BKK and PP8 RMO will implement A.T2.2 and A.T2.3 to deliver O.T2.4-9. In A.T2.4, PP9 BOKU will be leading the activities, supported by PP5 UM and PP2 ITL. LP SRM (as pilot site), PP3 Gdynia, PP4 MCPS, PP6 MURS, PP7 BKK and PP8 RMO will be mainly beneficiaries of monitoring and evaluation activities and deliverables.