Work Package C


WPC is mainly focused on communicating SMACKER results to external stakeholders in order to capitalize on them, thus complementing the management and process-related communication in WPM and WPTs. It will be under LP SRM direct responsibility with a strong support from PP2 ITL and contributions from all partners for contents and peer reviews.

A.C.1 focuses on the definition and in progress monitoring of impacts and results of the communication strategy and actions, including feedback mechanisms from SMACKER core target groups. It contributes regularly to CE website. (D.C.1.1–1.4).

A.C.2 focuses on the in-progress results of SMACKER to release publications in different format with technical results (infographics, newsletter, brochure, publication) targeted to different potential stakeholders (D.C.2.1–2.10).

A.C.3 focuses on creating and establishing solid and improving relations with media and communicating via them to the wider audience and to all the citizens of SMACKER regions as well as at national level via press releases and at transnational level via a final press conference (D.C.3.1–3.4).

A.C.4 diffuses the project results via 2 major events in the 2 universities, scientific partners of SMACKER: PP5 UM Maribor and PP9 BOKU Vienna. A.C.4 also contributes to CE Programme events. (D.C.4.1–4.3).

A.C.5 organizes targeted events to capitalize SMACKER to specific targets: the stakeholders of 4 Macro-Regional, national and EU professional and sectorial Networks. It also organizes events to spread the project achievements to the wider audience and for citizens in each SMACKER region (D.C.5.1–5.3).

AC.6 delivers 1 video on the SMACKER results and presence on social media showing decision and policy-makers and authorities how to improve their policies about how to change transport attitude and behaviors with incentives to passengers (D.C.6.1–6.2).

A.C.7 provides SMACKER events promotional materials to be disseminated.