SMACKER (ex) Maribor scientific event

On November 20, 2020 the first scientific event of SMACKER was held virtually.

This scientific event was supposed to take place in Maribor, however due to COVID19 restrictions it was held online as a webinar. 

This webinar focused on Demand responsive transport in low population density areas. Examples from other projects and experiences, challanges, policies, action plans and stories from the SMACKER regions were shared and discussed. In this page you can find the speakers' presentations as well as the video of the whole event recorded.

Agenda of the event


Introduction to SMACKER_Liguori

European Strategy for Danube Region_Zepic

Recenent developments of DRT: experiences from Australia_Nelson

Ride2Rail - effective feeders for high capacity transport services_Rizzi

Role of DRT in tourist areas: learnings from LAST MILE project_Zehetgruber

Level of services and policies for DRT_Grasso

Inside SMACKER project_Lepori

Delivering DRT using ITS in a Virtual Agency_Masson

The Ravenna experience_Scanferla

DRT as SUMP instrument_Wolek

Experiences from SMACKER regions_Klementschitz

Experiences from SMACKER regions: Appennines_Amadori

Experiences from SMACKER regions: Gdynia_Marszalkovska

Experiences from SMACKER regions: north-west of Prague metropolitan area_Lnenickova

Experiences from SMACKER regions: Murska Sobota_Pirc

Experiences from SMACKER regions: Budapest_Halmos

Experiences from SMACKER regions: East Tyrol of Austria_Mair

Video of the webinar