Praha-Suchdol (Czech Republic)


Organisation profile:

City district Praha-Suchdol is one of the 57 municipal districts in the capital city of Prague.
Performs the activities of local government:

  • Decision making and management related to local issues.
  • Establishment and organization of preschools and elementary schools.
  • Maintenance of green areas.
  • Maintenance of local roads, trails and sidewalks.
  • Provides viewpoints to development and infrastructure projects and urban planning changes.
    City district Praha-Suchdol is a recipient of public transport services.

City district Praha-Suchdol is a recipient of public transport services.

City Region profile:

  • City district Praha-Suchdol is located at the north-western boundary of the city of Prague (Czech Republic)
  • Area: 5.13 km2
  • Inhabitants: 7.100
  • Population density: 1.397 inhabitants per km2

Role in the project:

City district Praha-Suchdol will act as partner of the SMACKER project and will coordinate all the activities on the local level.

Activities in the project:

Design a complex solution of transport services in the peripheral and suburban area:

  • Optimization and promotion of public transport services from suburban areas.
  • Design of a transfer node (P+R) on the border of Suchdol in connection with the planned tram line terminal.
  • Collect data on behaviour of target groups and structure of traffic passing through the city district.
  • Assess the implementation of innovative solutions and technologies (carsharing, carpooling, etc.).
  • Promotion of other forms of sustainable mobility (cycling, walking).
  • Support the pilot through a behaviour change campaign and a marketing campaign among residents /commuters /students /visitors in the area.