Transnational Study Visit in Vienna

A transnational meeting was held for two days with the aim of providing space for exchange on the pilot actions, to exchange learnings and prepare these for the upcoming round tables. On the second day the focus was on organizational exchange.

Hosted by our SIforREF partner Caritas in Vienna, June 2021, the latest transnational study visit successfully fostered a common understanding of the Pilot Actions currently prepared and/or already conducted in each of our regions (See: Project Phase 3). Key take-aways of the two days session are that the pilot actions have to be considered very versatile in their strategic aim as well as in their working approach. The pilots reflect the site-specific competences and demands and cover all aspects which are relevant for the SIforREF project, including housing, labour market integration and strategies of refugee empowerment among others. On the other had it came clear that agility and adaptability is needed to implement these pilots in the local context, especially as Covid-restrictions are still ongoing. This is an important take away, as the SIforREF project reaches not only out to develop policy advice from the Pilot Actions but also to give advises for the transfer of the Pilot Actions in other local/ regional contexts.

What is more, the participants of the transnational study visit discussed intensively on the workshops to be conducted right after the Pilot Action’s in each of our partner regions. Together with relevant key stakeholders it is planned to evaluate the Pilot Actions locally to develop joint strategies on refugee integration into society and labour market (See: Project Phase 4). It was concluded that a common template for the workshops is needed that more strongly emphasises on the “why” the pilot was chosen/ developed in the first place before discussing the lesson learned from each of the Pilots. What is more, the workshops need to have broad space to brainstorm on a suitable vision of how the Pilot Actions, as they are currently limited by a financing from the SIforREF budget, can designed sustainable and long lasting.