Innovative Best Practices

Introduction to the Best Practices:

Here we would like to provide you with an overview of the best practices in regard to refugee integration within the cities/ territories of our partnership.

We define good/best practices as experiences or initiatives that are working well and can be replicated elsewhere and have proved to be effective in their contribution to refugee integration. We assert that, the best practices listed here deserve to be proposed to other regional/local contexts. Further, we contend that best practices can be regarded both as processes or interventions that would be easily transferred 

(better from the bottom-up), and with positive effects in regard to refugee integration into society, the labour and housing markets.

The following best practices are by no means comprehensive. Our aim here is to offer an overview of those selected by the consortium. In particular, we were interested in examining the best practices based upon the following points:

· Network of actors involved

· The partnership that implemented the initiative

· Approach utilized and the needs to be addressed