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On this page we present SIforREF project reports along with academic publications and reports related to the intersection of social innovation and the societal and labour market integration of refugees and migrants in Central Europe.

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Local Social Innovation to Combat Poverty and Exclusion

Bibliography: Social innovation, Migrants and Refugees

Publications related to the following topics:

  • Social innovation
  • Labour market integration of refugees and migrants
  • Societal integration of refugees and migrants
  • Urban governance


  • Campomori Francesca and Maurizio Ambrosini (2020) Multilevel governance in trouble: the implementation of asylum seekers' reception in Italy as a battleground, in Comparative Migration Studies, 2020, Open Access 
  • Gerometta, J. Haussermann, H. Longo, G. (2005), “Social Innovation and Civil Society in Urban Governance: Strategies for an Inclusive City”.  Urban Studies 42 (11): 2007–2021. 
  • MacCullum, D, Moulart, F., Hillier, J. and Vicari Haddock (eds.)  (2010), “Social Innovation: Institutionally Embedded, Territorially (Re) Produced” in Social Innovation and Territorial Development (Aldershot: Ashgate).

Books and edited Volumes (selection) 

  • C. Wilpert, Z. Layton-Henry (Eds.): Challenging Racism and Discrimination in Britain and Germany. Palgrave/ Macmillan, 2003.
  • C. Wilpert (Ed.): Entering the Working World: Following the Descendants of Europe's Immigrant Labour Force. Gower, Aldershot 1988. 

Selected Publications

  • Wilpert, C. Wege zur sozialen und ökonomischen Teilhabe: Möglichkeiten und Potential geflüchteter Frauen als selbständige Erwerbstätige, in: Pfeffer-Hoffmann, Chr.(ed.) Profile der neue Einwanderung 2018: Spezifische Herausförderung geflüchtete Frauen. Berlin, Mensch und Buch Verlag. 
  • Wilpert, C. with C. Ellerbe-Dück, B. Schmidt, Diversity and Urban Governance, in: Rethinking Diversity, Springer, Wiesbaden, 2016. 
  • Wilpert, C. and R. Mandel, Pathways to Emancipation, Immigrant Women from Turkey and their Descendants in: Abadan-Unat, N. and G. Mizrahi Mirdal, Emancipation in Exile: Perspectives on the Empowerment of Migrant Women. Istanbul, Bilgi University Press, 2015. 
  • Wilpert, C.  Identity Issues in the History of the Postwar Migration from Turkey to Germany, published in: Special Issue 50 Years Migration from Turkey to Germany, in: German Politics and Society, (Berghahn Books). 2013.
  • Wilpert, C. I giovani musulmani in Germania (Muslim Youths in Germany) In: Cesari, J. Pacini, A. Giovani musulmani in Europa,  Edizioni Fondazione Giovanni Agnelli, 2006.  
  • Wilpert, C.  From Workers to Entrepreneurs?  Immigrant Business in Germany, in Kloosterman Robert & Jan Rath, Venturing Abroad. Global processes and national particularities of immigrant entrepreneurship in advanced economies, Berg Publishers, 2003. 
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