Webinar UEA in the Poland

Webinar ‘Urban environmental acupuncture, the example of Chorzów, Ruda Śląska and Świętochłowice cities’. The mechanism for creating an action plan - from initial ideas to a concept and final implementation.

Residents and local governments are putting more and more emphasis on the accessibility of green areas, but a frequent limitation to the creation of new green areas is the development of an area for its arrangement. The idea of urban environmental acupuncture (UEA) promotes the use of small abandoned areas in the city, in high density, to create a dense network of green spots so that. This idea was transferred to the so-called Action Plans for the 5 functional urban areas (FUAs). On the example of the Polish FUA - Chorzów, Ruda Śląska and Świętochłowice - the mechanism of creating such the action plan will be presented, step by step, taking into account the building of social capital among the inhabitants.

The webinar took place on 16th December 2021. Nearly 40 people participated in the meeting, including representatives of national, regional and local authorities, research institutes and universities.

Image source: FRANTA & FRANTA Architekci Sp. z o.o., IETU