Integrated environmental management of SmALl Green Spots
in FUncTional Urban ArEas following the idea of acupuncture 

Project Objective

In many central European cities it is difficult to save large areas for planting greenery. These attractive sites are often used for settlements or investments, which provide profits for a city’s budget. But authorities of cities are aware of the value of green spaces for rest, recreation and aesthetic surroundings as well as for the adaptation of urban areas to climate change.

The SALUTE4CE project aims to protect and develop natural resources through increasing the capacities of public sector, and related entities, to improve an integrated environmental management of green and blue infrastructure in Functional Urban Areas (FUAs). The project will encourage the planting of native and climate resistant vegetation in areas lacking large sites for this function and using the small plots/spots which are not attractive for other purposes. 

The SALUTE4CE project will implement the concept of urban environmental acupuncture. This consists of a surgical and selective intervention into the urban environment, instead of large scale projects that involve thousands of hectares and high costs.

To this end the inhabitants will be involved to participate in activities aiming at taking care of the small areas in their neighborhood, and promoting the planting of native and climate resistant vegetation on these areas in order to restore the biodiversity and natural heritage.

Also trainings and public events will be organized to show the values and benefits of planting the native vegetation. The project will develop and apply the concept of urban environmental acupuncture (acting on many small places and achieving great effects due to the large number of these places), which will significantly contribute to improvement of environmental management in functional urban areas in order to make them better places for live and work.

The partners will jointly develop a common methodology and criteria for selecting both spots and types of interventions. These will then be applied to elaborate action plans, which will demonstrate that urban environmental acupuncture is an effective and innovative way of integrated environmental management to live in our cities.




Seminar in TUrin

Our Italian colleague from LINKS Foundation (PP06) presented a seminar on Urban Environmental Acupuncture to the students of @politecnicoditorino  


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