New Cooperations build in Rijeka

Rijeka, 6. October 2018

Looking at the various healthcare systems in our partner countries, we daily see the difference in our work. Those differences we aim to connected to enhance the quality of the citizens each digitalLIFE4CE region. The main question is, how to build the bridges and how to make it happen.

Therefore, our project partners Oscar Mayora (Bruno Kessler Foundation), Beatrice Blankschein (Healthcare Forum Leipzig GmbH)  and Rebecca Winter (HEALTHY SAXONY – VFG e.V.) were invited by Ana  Marković Čunko from STEP Ri to jointly work together on this question from different perspectives. Being a well connected actor in the Croatian healthcare system as well as knowing about the goals of their network partners, STEP Ri used the first week of October to  invite various stakeholders to learn from and connect with digitalLIFE4CE partner regions.

Blankschein and Winter at STEP Ri

The week started with a workshop conducted by Rebecca Winter to connect with Croatian companies, that are interested in cooperation opportunities in the German primary healthcare market. “The participants were very interested in cooperation and expansion to Saxony”, says the project partner from HEALTHY SAXONY – VFG e.V. Thanks to digital technology, project partner Beatrice Blankschein was integrated live and gave important facts about the German Healthcare System. This overview was completed by Stakeholder Dr. Randy Kurz from BIO-NET LEIPZIG GmbH, who gave a lesson about the product placement in the statutory healthcare insurance. The workshop was followed by spontaneous product presentations and discussions about where and when to get started best. Uniting the key players in Saxony’s healthcare in HEALTHY SAXONY e.V., Rebecca Winter is positive for further cooperation beyond digitalLIFE4CE project.

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Oscar Mayora from Bruno Kessler Foundation was looking for another type of cooperation. “In Trento we implemented Trentino.Salute 4.0, which is coordinated organisational approach towards digital health involving the Province of Trento, the local healthcare trust (APSS) and the research (FBK). TS4.0 implements a series of projects sustained on Trentino TreC Personal Health Record ecosystem. A key asset for such projects is FBK virtual coaching platform enabling supporting citizens to stay healthy or recover soon by using Artificial Intelligence techniques applied for gamification, digital coaching and lifestyle tracking.” Host STEP Ri invited potential  partners from Croatia to discuss on Thursday and Friday how an implementation of the system could work in Croatia. The partners from Saxony joined this important session to gain deeper insights for their Stakeholders who want to connect to TS4.0 and to strengthen the transnational cooperation with Trento. 

“I am very happy with the results of the activities conducted in the week from October 02nd -5th.  Our main aim has been to connect the stakeholders from Croatia with the stakeholders from our partners regions, Saxony and Trentino. Workshop held on October 2nd  ‘How to expand your business on German market’ attracted a large number of companies interested in expanding their business and entering the German primary healthcare market. We are very happy to say that there has been some concrete results from the workshop. Furthermore, the 2-day workshop “Knowledge transfer in digital healthcare” held by our project partner Oscar Mayora from Bruno Kessler Foundation in Trento, also proved to be a great success. STEP RI invited a large number of stakeholders, primarily from the field of policy making and healthcare institutions, but also companies in the filed of IT and health. Further steps regarding both workshops are ahead of us. STEP RI, along with VFG and FBK will test the solutions presented on workshops and will continue in building the cooperation network that they have started in these workshops. Both workshops are part of mobility actions carried within the project digitalLIFE4CE, and will result in several pilot and transfer cases.”,resumes host Ana Marković Čunko.

by Rebecca Winter