Transnational Workshop– Methods and use cases for data-based planning of
energy-efficient public transport infrastructure

13 May 2020

09:00 - 13:00 CET

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This webinar will present methods and use cases from the InterregCE EfficienCE and LOW-CARB projects that demonstrate how data-based planning can be used to implement and manage energy-efficient public transport infrastructure in Central-European contexts. 

Transnational Workshop webinar agenda

This is a preliminary agenda (last updated on 30.04.2020) and is subject to change without notification. Should you wish to receive major updates, please register for the event.

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This webinar is a part of a series being run for the LOW-CARB Follower City Program. A structured a programme of trainings, pilot launches, and webinars to help boost cities’ awareness, knowledge, and expertise of low carbon mobility (especially in the Central European context). Please join our follower cities in thought-provoking and hands-on trainings and events that apply the teachings of LOW CARB’s lessons.  Contact: s.govender@rupprecht-consult.eu for more info.


Previous Webinars in the Series


Recordings of past webinars will soon be made available.