Regional workshop: development and connection of green spaces in the
tri-border region CZ/DE/PL 

24th September 2018, IBZ St. Marienthal, Ostritz/DE

The second Green Infrastructure workshop involving stakeholders from all three countries took place in the convent of St. Marienthal in Ostritz/DE. The meeting was successful and paved the way for realising GI enhancement and associated benefits in the area. Key elements and outputs of the meeting included the concept of green infrastructure and its (public) benefits. The participants discussed

  1. potential funding opportunities for the enhancement of green infrastructure elements in urban, suburban and rural spaces in the tri-border region
  2. ideas and topics for local/regional projects for enhancement of the green infrastructure resource, for example
    a) Urban/sub-urban areas
    - Competition on school grounds – school gardens and green spaces on the school property 
    - Creative enhancement of unused and abandoned spaces for recreation and education needs
    - Bottom-up strategies and action plans for communities or existing cross-border cooperations between municipalities to improve GI
    b) Rural areas
    - Nature-based solutions for flood prevention including habitat conservation of the blue butterflies (Lycaenidae)
    - Example: reactivation of oxbow lakes of the Lusatian Neisse and Lausur rivers

Potential regional funding opportunities are, amongst others, the ERDF-funding of small projects managed by the Euroregion Neisse-Nisa-Nysa.

Workshop Ostritz
Discussion Ostritz


The next stakeholder workshop will be dedicated to the assessment of ecosystem services and the benefits of green infrastructure. We invite all interested individuals to join this event on 6th February 2019 in Liberec/CZ.

Kathrin Uhlemann | The Saxony Foundation for Nature and Environment
Henriette John
 | Leibniz-Institute for Ecological Urban and Regional Development